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Pocket Full of Change

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Expen$e's first album, Pocket Full of Change (1995, Recorded at Jeree's Records, New Brighton, Pennsylvania), demonstrates the band's talent and versatility. The Best of Me is a power chord extravaganza, a true ode to 70s arena rock. I've Had Enough features a "ballsy" guitar riff reminiscent of classic 80s Motley Crue. Not content to settle on just one style of hard rock, So They Say, is a Bowie-esqu ballad, and Some Women is a Hendrix-inspired, wa wa pedal-infused take on playful misogyny. Lyrically, Robert covers all of hard rock's basic themes, including angst and despair, lost love, evil femme fatales, and redemptive lovers, but in his own personal style. Perhaps the most personal and strongest potential single is the bluesy When It All Comes Down, a reflective take on moving on with life after a rough patch.

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1. Listen The Best of Me 4:42
2. Listen I've Had Enough 4:08
3. Listen Standing in the Shadows Alone 4:06
4. Listen When It All Comes Down 3:18
5. Listen Now I Don't Care 4:35
6. Listen So They Say 3:54
7. Listen Some Women 3:06
8. Listen She Comes Around 3:36
9. Listen Go Away 3:18
10. Listen The World 2:48
11. Listen Misty Blue 4:07
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Album Details

Genres: Hard Rock, Rock, Blues

Released August 1995