From the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada

Hard Rock, Rock, Blues

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Underlying the band's dynamic music is Expen$e's founder, lead guitarist, lead vocalist and lead songwriter, Robert Michaels. Robert's music and stage presence is a virtual seminar in "How to be a Rock Guitar God." From his classic hard rock "look" and his onstage antics, Robert knows that a successful rock band is part talent, part showmanship, and part luck.

Expen$e's live shows are energetic -- just the way a good hard rock band should be. The audience knows that these guys are giving their best, whether the crowd is twenty, two hundred, or two thousand. Robert's talent as a guitarist allows him to infuse his original material with a number of crowd-pleasing cover tunes. Drummer Tim Loebig keeps things tight and rocking. Chris Michaels, Robert's wife and bass player for Expen$e, adds style and class to the group. Moreover, Expen$e's live shows generally include a third "blues" set during which Robert rips through his flawless covers of Stevie Ray, Hendrix and Clapton, among others.


Album cover for Pocket Full of Change