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Dancing Rhythms
Bertil Schulrabe

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A dynamic, poetic, organic DRUMS/PERCUSSIONS 'ONLY' cd by Bertil Schulrabe. Rhythms from all around the world, rich voices of more than 10 percussion instruments (including Indian Tabla, Derbouka, Drumset, Congas, Djembe, Bongos, Timbales, Cajon, Frame Drums,...). 'DANCING RHYTHMS' is a very unique cd that will fit nicely in your collection of musical 'moods' AND can be easily used in an interactive and creative way by the percussion fan, instrumentist, music teacher, dancer, dance teacher. Enjoy !!!

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1. Listen Reel & Gnawa 5:20
2. Listen At the Souk 4:14
3. Listen Charlot le Chat 4:25
4. Listen Great Elk 4:25
5. Listen Yin-Yang 3:17
6. Listen Prabhu 4:04
7. Listen The Travelling Shaman 4:45
8. Listen Swinging Planet 4:35
9. Listen Jungle 4:10
10. Listen Ang 3:41
11. Listen Elephant Walk 4:40
12. Listen Three for the Trees 4:24
13. Listen Babafrica 4:17
14. Listen Brasilian Lullaby 5:12
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Genres: World, DrumSolo, Ethnic

Released January 2011