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Add Viola and Stir
Katrina Wreede

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A banquet of musical flavors full of wit, drama, passion, and humor. Jazz and classical original composition ranging from oyful exuberance to moody melancholy in the "California Eclectic" style. Includes original jazz reminiscent of Bill Evans, Modern Jazz Quartet, and Dave Brubeck, accessible classical tracks that include a Baroque-flavored groove solo, a Piazolla-style tango, an introspective, Impressionist duo for viola and harp, plus viola collages about swamps, bugs, and creepy things.

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1. Listen Still Tuesday 6:27
2. Listen Sierra Waltz 5:03
3. Listen Pleasant 3;31
4. Listen Groovla 1:04
5. Listen Scenes 8:04
6. Listen 56 Seconds of Creep 0:59
7. Listen Yet Another Tango 2:58
8. Listen A Slough of Violas 1:00
9. Listen Romp 2:58
10. Listen Invocation #3 6:09
11. Listen Pretty 0:56
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Genres: Jazz, Chamber Music, Instrumental

Released December 2010