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This World - Vol. 1
Stephen Jacobs

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"This World - Vol. 1" is the first half of AFM Local 47 Member Stephen Jacobs' critically acclaimed, multiple award winning CD of jazz based music with alternating narratives of incisive, illuminating environmental analysis of human nature, activities and institutions. This album was so controversial when initially released in 1997, that it was successfully banned from U.S. domestic radio airplay within three weeks, by several very alarmed powerful corporations and a couple of government agencies. Thanks to the courage and indomitable spirit of AFM Go Pro Tunes and other internet music providers, it is now again available to the people for purchase and download. -Stephen Jacobs

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1. Listen This World / Opening 6:33
2. Listen Cat's Paw 3:20
3. Listen Feminine & Masculine 1:16
4. Listen Chui's Song 3:45
5. Listen Dolphins & Whales 3:15
6. Listen Salsa Indigo 2:25
7. Listen Education 1:43
8. Listen 204-B Blues 3:22
9. Listen Communication 1:30
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Album Details

Genres: Speech, Jazz, World

Released May 1997