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Life Cycles
David Kempton

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Life Cycles creates a relaxing yet stimulating listening experience. Musical instruments, styles and cultures from around the world are smoothly blended into a rich but lighthearted panorama of contemporary rhythms and ancient tonalities.

I work with naturally recorded sounds from nature and world musics, blending the textures and timbres in a style I call Electronic Impressionism. The concept is the blending of the sounds of instruments from different cultures into a coherent thematic representation of the metaphorical journey from birth, through the growth of reason and understanding, the accumulation of knowledge, the awakening to the true realities, and the triumphant return home to celebrate the victory and share the wisdom.

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1. Listen Pipe Dreams 7:59
2. Listen Vision Quest 5:37
3. Listen Yo'Zho 7:53
4. Listen Initiation of the Maidens 4:17
5. Listen Dance of the Ancestors 3:38
6. Listen Spirit Warrior 4:00
7. Listen Hangin' with the Dragons 4:33
8. Listen Heshook-ish Tsawalk 4:21
9. Listen Heaven's Gate 4:20
10. Listen Ixsixan (I Love You) 4:59
11. Listen Return of the Seeker 4;51
12. Listen Mr. Toad 5:52
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Genres: World, New Age, Fusion

Released November 2009