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Janice T. (Sunflower)
World, New Age, Instrumental

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Janice Trytten (Sunflower) is a Native Flute player in Cincinnati, OH.

As a reenactor/living historian in the fur-trade era she brings an authenticity to the music, a connection to sounds of the past and a peaceful place in the present. The music is straight from the heart.

This recording will bring to you a quiet place for the end of the day, meditation, yoga, massage, or a signal for the kids that it's time to slow down. Breath Deeply ~ Burn some sage or cedar if you wish ~ Peace.

For more information about her CD, Warm Shelter, the new CD, Welcome Silence Native Flute Music by Sunflower, the Educational Program as "Visitor From the Plains", and live Native Flute Performances, please visit:


Album cover for Washita Sandstone