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PostCards from London
Paul Fejko

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The organ at Saint Paul's Cathedral in London - 169 ranks, Five Manuals, Incredible Power, Awesome Acoustics. Whimsical Improvisor Paul Fejko offers musical PostCards from his visit to that wonderful city. The Cover Art is a collage of photos by Paul Fejko.

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1. Listen Oh, the Rain! I Forgot to Pack an Umbrella. 10:18
2. Listen There is a Wonderful Carousel at Brighton Beach! 10:22
3. Listen Don't Ever Try to get from Heathrow to Gatwick in a Hurry! 6:11
4. Listen Just Breathe in the Aura of St. Paul's Cathedral. What a Place! 9:23
5. Listen Het Mummy! We Tried to Make the Palace Guard Smile! 5:48
6. Listen Yesterday, We Had a Rather Stiff Wind. 5:50
7. Listen It Is Such a Treat to See the Fog Lift and the Sun Rise! 12:16
8. Listen Look at all those Pigeons in Trafalgar Square! 11:58
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Genres: Classical, Instrumental, Alternative

Released October 2001