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On Making the Flowers Dance
Paul Fejko

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Using the full resources of the fabulous 125 rank ├ćolian-Skinner organ at All Saint's Episcopal Church in Worcester, MA., Paul Fejko leads the listener through a magical dancing garden. Sometimes boisterous, sometimes jazzy, sometimes gentle. Enjoy the vibrations! The Cover Sculpture is by Paul Fejko.

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1. Listen On Making the Flowers Dance 5:45
2. Listen Wildflowers of the Heart 5:11
3. Listen Serendipity 4:43
4. Listen Herbs and Alchemy 6:12
5. Listen The Trumpet Vine 6:09
6. Listen Nasty Sturtium Rag 6:19
7. Listen The Worcester Creeper 8:25
8. Listen Waltz of the Sunflower 9:43
9. Listen Grandiflora 9:08
Album cover for On Making the Flowers Dance

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Genres: Classical, Freestyle, Instrumental

Released December 1995