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Spider Soul
Darrel Andrews

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During the late 70's, Ray Charles sponsored a recording session that included seven of Darrel Andrew's songs. This album is a compilation of songs Darrel Andrews wrote during the 60s and 70s. This album is laced with some great Funk/Soul groves while keeping true to Andrew's roots in Jazz and RnB.

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1. Listen Spider Soul 2:36
2. Listen You Gotta Love Me 2:42
3. Listen This Time (I'm In Love With You) 3:37
4. Listen Georgia on My Mind 5:09
5. Listen What If She Leaves 3:46
6. Listen And So Do You 3:23
7. Listen How You Upset Me 2:44
8. Listen Wondering 3:14
9. Listen In Love 3:29
10. Listen It's Your Heart 3:22
11. Listen Problems 3:43
12. Listen Is It True 3:03
13. Listen Trying To Love You 3:22
14. Listen Taste of Loneliness 3:05
Album cover for Spider Soul

Album Details

Genres: R & B, Funk, Soul

Released January 2005