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For The Birds
Dawn Schumilas

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For the Birds is a Canadian acoustic-folk album.

Singer-songwriter Dawn Schumilas partners with classical guitarist/bassist Don Happner to weave a complex blend of folk, jazz and classical music, creating a unique blend of mood and melody.

Dawn has a gift for describing special places, memories and things of beauty in her songs. Vivid nature imagery and beautiful melodies, delivered with a mature, compelling, bell-like voice make "For The Birds" a relaxing and renewing experience.

Don Happner brings the skills of a highly accomplished classical guitarist to the arrangements and accompaniments and occasionally co-writes. Together this Saskatchewan duo has carved out a unique sound in the folk/roots genre.

In their self-built solar-wind powered home in the Torch River parkland of northeastern Saskatchewan, Canada, Dawn and Don are deeply committed to "living green", by minimizing their impact on the planet through conservation and lifestyle choices, preserving natural habitat as private landowners and supporting eco-friendly products.

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1. Listen Chestnut and Cherry 5:22
2. Listen Bein' Tender 4:29
3. Listen If I Were A Bird 2:49
4. Listen Moon Medicine 3;32
5. Listen Gramma's Apron Pockets 5:01
6. Listen The Hungry Young 3:34
7. Listen Rubber Galoshes 4:31
8. Listen In The Moon of a Wintertime 3:11
9. Listen Cold September rain 3:47
10. Listen When The Whole World Marks Time 6:25
11. Listen Quest For Freedom 4:16
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Album Details

Genres: Folk, Acoustic, Meditative

Released November 2004