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Isorhythmic Suite & Diatonic Preludes
Philip Fournier

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ISORHYTHMIC SUITE in SEVEN EVOLUTIONS A series of ten notes and nine metrical values are superimposed, creating a texture in which each repetition of the melodic series occurs one value further down the metrical row. The occult inflexibility of this embedded structure, found in various manners in each of the isorhythmic pieces, is countered by a fluid and harmonically mobile counterpoint in the remaining voices.

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1. Listen Prelude in A Minor 3:19
2. Listen Prelude in D Minor 2:27
3. Listen Isorhythmic Suite: Theme in the Bass 3:22
4. Listen Isorhythmic Suite: Cantus in Augmentation 2:58
5. Listen Isorhythmic Suite: Retrograde Augmentation in the Cantus 3:08
6. Listen Isorhythmic Suite: Toccata on the Isorhythm in Four Permutations in the Bass 2:57
7. Listen Isorhythmic Suite: Transposition in Retrograde in the Bass 2:08
8. Listen Isorhythmic Suite: Transposing Aria (in the cantus) 2:24
9. Listen Isorhythmic Suite: Theme in the Bass 4:26
10. Listen Prelude in F Minor 4:20
11. Listen Prelude No. 1 in B Minor 3:02
12. Listen Prelude in C Minor 2:46
13. Listen Prelude in E Minor 3:32
14. Listen Prelude in G Minor 2:45
15. Listen Prelude No. 2 in B Minor 2:45
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Genres: Classical, Instrumental

Released December 2009