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Doug Martin Quartet

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The concept for this album was the happy result of my recent travels in Europe. It turned out to be a very stimulating, exciting and personal adventure for me, so it seemed like a good idea to compose some music based on my experiences. The music was inspired by the sheer beauty of a place, or by a famous person who lived there, or by some event that took place there. There are 12 pieces in all, with a variety of styles and moods, but all within the framework of jazz.

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1. Listen Kafka Was Here 5:59
2. Listen Mediterranean Blue 5:24
3. Listen Amsterdam 4:45
4. Listen Unicum 5:21
5. Listen Death Train 7:10
6. Listen Bridge of Sighs 4:44
7. Listen La Rambla 4:59
8. Listen Secret World 5:55
9. Listen The Shadow Lounge 6:05
10. Listen Roma 6:53
11. Listen Lullaby for a Madman 3:08
12. Listen Red Roofs 3:51
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Genres: Jazz

Released June 2011