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Grey Childhood
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An acoustic trio unlike any you have ever heard. Beneath a rhythmic and melodic accessibility all premutations of a unifying motive are exposed, interwoven, and contrapuntally transformed in the rigorous logic of this strangely approachable concept album. From the singing melancholy of the first track, to the kicking in Valerie's Coffin, the spastic energy of Running After Shadows, the howls of the damned in Night on a Hill, to the perfect symmetry and exchange of solo lines in the title track, Grey Childhood illuminates the palate of the IA chamber trio as never before. Matthew Szemela: 6 & 4 string Violin. Michael Albert: Oboe, Bass Oboe, English Horn, Baritone Sax. Philip Fournier: Piano

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1. Listen Ballad 2:00
2. Listen Valerie's Coffin 5:32
3. Listen Out the Window: views from inside and outside 11:11
4. Listen A Reflection that went Home 4:28
5. Listen Lady Memory Caressing the Mind 3:54
6. Listen Running After Shadows 2:51
7. Listen Nightmares 4:41
8. Listen Night on a Hill 7:36
9. Listen The Last Word 6:46
10. Listen Grey Childhood 4:55
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Genres: Chamber Music, Jazz, Avant-garde

Released May 2011