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DeConstruction: Tzenka Dianova Plays Satie & Cage
Tzenka Dianova

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“It began with the word deconstruction, which was “merely a pun” (Cage’s phrase) on John Cage’s construction. Originally, it was the title of a sound recycling piece of mine, written to accompany his ‘Perilous Night.’ Later on, the word inspired the idea of a collection of “deconstructed” works of Satie and Cage — works reinvented by unusual means, a respectful tribute to the two composers.” – T. D.

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1. Listen The Perilous Night I (for prepared piano solo) 2:40
2. Listen The Perilous Night II 0:56
3. Listen The Perilous Night III 5:31
4. Listen The Perilous Night IV 1:22
5. Listen The Perilous Night V 0:39
6. Listen The Perilous Night VI 3:03
7. Listen First DeConstruction – The Perilous Night (for unpreparing piano and electronics) 10:02
8. Listen Socrate I. Portrait de Socrate (piano solo transcription) 7:16
9. Listen Le piège de Méduse (for paper-prepared piano) 4:05
10. Listen Gnossienne IV (simulated quarter-tone piano version) 2:10
11. Listen Bacchanale 7:14
12. Listen Vexations (celesta version) 14:00
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Genres: Classical, Avant-garde, Instrumental

Released September 2009