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The Singles (The Early Years)
Ernie Hines

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Northern Soul: Late sixties recordings that defined the atmosphere and music of that decade. These songs relate to; good times, thankfulness, of being lonely, and one’s patriotic duty to his country. Written and performed as in a four act play; a musical theme. Ernie recorded at Chess Records in Chicago with some of the studio’s finest musicians, writers, arrangers and producers. Billboard Magazine picked with a bullet; "Thank You Baby (For a Love beyond Compare)" after Ernie leased his masters to USA Records. B-Side: We're Gonna Party.

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1. Listen We're Gonna Party 2:50
2. Listen Thank You Baby (For a Love beyond Compare) 2:51
3. Listen Rain Rain Rain 2:50
4. Listen Sincerely Mine 2:35
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Genres: R & B, Pop, Ballad

Released February 2009